Home Sperm Test – The advanced medical technology from the U.S available now in Vietnam

Yo Sperm Test is the screening solution for male infertility. Infertility has become a global problem in general and in Viet Nam, it’s no exception. According to Viet Nam’s Ministry of Health, there are currently about 7,7% infertility couples, equivalent to 1 million couples. About of 50% infertility couples are under the age of 30. Especially, the rate of secondary infertility is increasing every year.

The unique screening solution for male fertility

Sperm testing is the first necessary assessment method in screening for sperm quality and male reproduction health. Taking samples at home and performing sample analysis using Yo Sperm Test is a great solution currently. Especially in this period of increasing Covid 19 rapidly in Vietnam, the testing of sperm in hospitals is not safe now, YO HOME SPERM TEST is a safe and convenient option for men who are living in Vietnam to check their fertility.

YO HOME SPERM TEST helps Vietnamese men to check their own quality of reproduction not only at home privately but also conveniently and accurately at 97%. Besides, clients could quickly exchange results with consultants through the internet. Vietnamese Yo Home Sperm Test and fertility consultant team will support on reading the video result and giving medical orders at free of charge. Technical support in 24/07 also helps couples doing tests easily and completely even if they are farmers who are not good at technology skill.

If you are foreigners who are living in Vietnam, the YO HOME SPERM TEST is the most suitable method for you to check your fertility quality, because fertility consultants of Yo could consult you in English and the app is run by English as well.

Proudly, TMSC Vietnam has become the official distributor of the Yo Home Sperm Test in Vietnam.

Yo Sperm Test in Vietnam
Yo Sperm Test – The unique screening solution for male fertility in the digital age of healthcare industry


Sperm cells need to move forward to reach the egg during natural conception.  YO first reports whether your motile sperm concentration (MSC) is above or below a “normal range” of six million motile sperm per milliliter.  The “normal range” of six million motile sperm is calculated by multiplying the World Health Organization (WHO) reference value for sperm concentration (15 million) times the normal reference range for sperm motility (40%).  15 million x 40% = 6 million.  Although only one sperm cell is needed to fertilize an egg, six million motile sperm per milliliter is the cut-off or “threshold,” which determines the results of Low vs. Moderate/Normal MSC.


YO Score is a ranking of your motile sperm concentration (MSC) compared to other men who have fathered children.  The result is 10 to 90 in intervals of 10.  If your score is 20, you rank above 20% of fathers.  If your score is 90, you rank above 90% of fathers.  The higher your YO Score, the more likely you are to achieve a pregnancy in a shorter amount of time.  YO Score is a reliable tool for monitoring MSC changes over time and the cornerstone of the fertility improvement tools contained in the YO Application.


As part of the YO Home Sperm Test, you will receive a recorded video of your sample.  The video offers a clear visual reference to complement your MSC and YO Score results.  Videos are available for sharing with an expert, family, or friends if desired or kept 100% private inside the app for personal viewing.

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