The revolutionary in semen analyzer for medical clinics

Nowadays, the application of technology to life to bring convenience to people is well received and changes the quality of life. Medical products are also not out of this technological revolution. TMSC is a leader of supplying Medical Technology 4.0 products in Vietnam, especially products supporting male and female fertility, such as Yo Home Sperm Test. Besides, TMSC Vietnam is also a partner with MES Global to cooperate in providing the distribution of SQA-iO semen analysis testing equipment in Vietnam.

SQA dang ki mua

SQA-iO is the World’s fastest automated sperm quality analyzer

MES SQA-iO is the World’s fastest automated sperm quality analyzer and the most standardized and accurate solution for analyzing sperm quality with basic parameters for gynecology, urology, doctors, fertility centers and laboratories…

SQA-iO analyzes detailed parameters such as concentration (M/ml), normal sperm shape (M/ejac), portable sperm (M/ejac),… in just 75 seconds. SQA-iO is rated for simple, convenient operation, higher performance than the use of traditional microscopes – the method many clinics and hospitals are applying today.

SQA-iO uses a cloud software, allows you to generate a report complete with a pie chart for the differentiation of motility and following the criteria of the WHO 5th. Allows archiving of patient reports and personal data

The Company’s comprehensive line of FDA and CE approved Sperm Quality Analyzers (SQA),  related andrology kits. Home testing kits and Vet products solve fertility & infertility testing challenges around the world.

Headquartered in Los Angeles. CA.. Medical Electronic Systems is ISO 13485 certified as a medical device manufacturer and conducts R&D operations in Caesarea. Israel. full regulatory compliance in all markets with 25 years experience.

Results from semen analyzer SQA-iO
Results from semen analyzer SQA-iO


SQA-iO is sperm analyzer suitable for small and medium sized clinics

The test results are accurate and extremely detailed, equivalent to the testing machines at clinics and reproduction centers today. Simple operations help doctors optimize the time of implementation, more support for couples who are rare, slow, infertile as well as regular health check-up.

Moreover, Reasonable investment costs for doctors of provincial and commune lines in Viet Nam with not high income.

TMSC Vietnam is proud to be a strategic partner of MES Global for the compact semen analyzer line for clinics – SQA-iO in Vietnam. Doctors who are interested in the product and look forward to experiencing the product, please contact us at:
TMSC Vietnam.

Mr. Tran Minh Hung

Vice president.


Hotline: 0777266882


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